Actors Department

The Universal Talent Group has evolved overtime into one of the leading talent management companies in the UK. The ‘Stage & Screen’ department represents a number of high profiled clients from the UK but also across the pond in the USA.

We pride ourselves on transitioning talent across various forms of media including TV, Stage, Film, Radio, Commercial, and music. Our team of agents are experienced, innovative, successful and most importantly, here to help you!

With over 70 years combined experience, the Universal Talent team are able to offer personalised and professional assistance to a realm of clients with ease. 

Universal Talent clients have won many awards, including but not limited to the following;

  • Tony Awards
  • Emmy Awards
  • Golden Globe Awards
  • Drama Desk Awards
  • and much more...


About Us

Universal Talent Group is fast becoming a leader in talent management.

Our talent management department consists of a group of experienced and professional, forward thinking talent managers, who together make the impossible, possible.

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