Tina Cousins

Tina Cousins began as a fashion model. She performed in a Rolling Stones video when she was 20 years old. The turning point of her career was a big fashion show in where she replaced a singer that cancelled. A local record company made a deal with Tina and arranged her to PWL studios where she began working with the producer Pete Waterman (also known from Steps' songs) and composers like Karl Twigg and Mark Topham. 'When you've done modelling everyone thinks that it's not really your voice on the record. At first I had to convince people that I really can sing' she explains.

Her first single Killin' Time was released in1997 and was a hit all over Europe (78th in MTV's best dance videos of all time in 1998, # 16 in Israel, # 15 in UK). The following single entitled Angel wasn't just as successful as Killin' Time (it peaked nevertheless at # 10 in Israel), but the real break-thru was with Sash! 's single Mysterious Times from where Tina will always be remembered. The track was featured as well in her first album Killing Time as in Sash!'s Life Goes On album.

Tina's own, third single Pray was a hit e.g. in Finland or in Israel where it reached # 3. This gave her more success as a solo artist. The first album Killing Time was released in 1998, first in Finland in where it sold gold quickly. Forever was released as single from the album in 1999. Tina was also seen in Brits Awards '99 Thank Abba For The Music song that brought together 4 Abba's hits (Take A Chance On Me, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia and Thank You For The Music) together with the groups B*Witched, Billie Piper, Cleopatra and Steps.

Even if at first she didn't want to become only the voice of Sash!, she finally decided to record another single in cooperation with Sash! : Just Around The Hill.

Tina is relatively well-known in her home country England, but good for her, there isn't a huge crowd of fans around her all the time. She says "In my hometown I can't go out, Tina laughs. London isn't that bad. When people recognize me, they only shake hands and congratulate at most".

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