Tour Management

Touring Services

We customise our services to fit our client’s specific needs – from small to large scale productions including on-site coordination and supervision. We save valuable time and money and utilise qualified experienced professionals for your project. We have both the knowledge and experience in all phases necessary to minimise costs and ensure successful results.

How We Can Help

Universal Talent Group can take on a full tour management role or offer specialised support alongside your established provider. We have experience in overseeing everything from branded promotional tours to theatrical stage productions, stage design, professional crew, logistics and transportation, security detail, accommodation, insurance and professional equipment lease that includes: staging, risers, props, lighting, electric distribution, backline, PA, special effects, video projection etc.

Over many years we have developed a database of touring professionals that is standing by for various engagements

  • Concert Tour Services
  • Tour Bus Design and Wrap
  • Travel Coordination & Logistics
  • Software with Online Document Management
  • Tour Personnel and Management
  • Production & Musical Directors
  • Staging & Design Elements
  • Special Effects & Lighting
  • FOH & Monitor Engineers


About Us

Universal Talent Group is fast becoming a leader in talent management.

Our talent management department consists of a group of experienced and professional, forward thinking talent managers, who together make the impossible, possible.

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