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The STAGE & SCREEN Division.
Specialists in TV, Film & Theatre

With over 70 years combined experience, our highly reputable team pride themselves on providing personalised and professional services to clients worldwide.

The Talent Management Divison. Stand OUT from the crowd.

Looking to take your career to the next level? If so, get in touch and allow our team of professionals to guide you the whole way with ease.

A team of professionals who
are dedicated to ARTISTIC INTEGRITY.

A team on a mission to help artists realize their vision and potential.


Consisting of 2 primary departments


Specialists in Music Management, A&R, PR, Promotion, Releases and Social Media through to Branding and Packaging.

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Stage & Screen

Innovative and experienced agents with credits across the board ranging from West End to Broadway and TV to Film.

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Established Music Talent
Next Generation Music Talent
New Horizon

New Horizon

Hailing from Birmingham, New Horizon are a vocal harmony-based duo featuring twin brothers, Alex and Gregg...

Georgia Burgess

Georgia Burgess

20 year old Georgia Burgess has already set the music industry alight with her incredible and unique...

Charlie Healy

Charlie Healy

Charlie Healy is most known for being part of boyband ‘The Risk’, finalists on the ITV hit show ‘The X Factor’...

Anja Werber

Anja Werber

Anja Werber is a singer-songwriter who originates from Kranj in Slovenia. Over the years, Anja has performed with...


Our A&R Managers guide artists and help develop sound to radio standard daily.

UNIVERSAL TALENT RECORDS harnesses over 20 years experience within the everchanging industry that is music. Our A&R team pride themselves on not only their experience within the business, but their unique skill set ensuring they are always a step ahead of competitors.

The MUSIC INDUSTRY is continously evolving and has transitioned through many changes over the years. Here at UNIVERSAL TALENT RECORDS we are not only looking at services that are currently at the forefront of the marketplace, but those that are upcoming and still undergoing development.

Are you looking to take the next step in your career and have your music and style distributed to a bigger audience? The biggest challenges any musician will face in their career is getting that much needed break and building the perfect demographic for your music. We can help. All label submissions should be sent to label@universaltalentgroup.co.uk


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Universal Talent Group is fast becoming a leader in talent management.

Our talent management department consists of a group of experienced and professional, forward thinking talent managers, who together make the impossible, possible.

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